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Milestones of Hass International

2000 - Initiation with Stainless Steel Products

Hass International began its industrial journey with the sale of stainless steel products.

2005 - Investment in Metal Processing Machines and Contract Manufacturing

Responding to customer demands and market needs, the company invested in metal processing machines to begin contract manufacturing, enhancing its product offerings.

2008 - Start of Bakery Machine Manufacturing

Leveraging its manufacturing experience, Hass International ventured into the production and export of bakery machines.

2018 - Expansion into a New Sector: Plastic Drilling Pipes Manufacturing

Diversifying from the metal sector, the company embarked on the production of plastic drilling pipes, marking a new chapter in its growth.

2020 - Thermal Cleaning Furnaces Manufacturing

Encountering the issue of cleaning metal parts of plastic machinery, Hass International utilized its expertise in the furnace sector and extensive R&D to commence the production of thermal cleaning furnaces.

2022 - Entry into the Elevator Sector

Capitalizing on over 20 years of sales and export experience, the company launched Hass Lift, an elevator market firm, to explore opportunities in the elevator industry.